I have an unusual flashlight review today. This is a versatile light that has both white and UV LEDs and you can twist the head to point sideways.

About the light

This light is sold as the EverBrite 90° Twist UV. It looks suspiciously like the Nicron N72, so I expect they come from the same factory.

The light has both white and UV LEDs. The white LED has 2 modes and goes up to 250 lumens. The UV is single mode.

It also has Micro-USB charging, a battery indicator light and a magnetic tail cap.


You can buy the EverBrite from Amazon UK (affiliate link). It’s also available on AliExpress.


There only seems to be 1 version of the EverBrite. Note that the Nicron light that looks similar is 800 lumens but this light is only 250 lumens.

EverBrite 90° Twist UV specs

  • White LED: CREE
  • UV LED: 395nm
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 1.5m shockproof
  • Dimensions: 13 x 2.5 x 2.2 cm
  • Weight: 160g
  • Battery: one 18650 cell included (labelled 2600mAh)

The physical light

What’s in the box

The EverBrite comes with:

  • 18650 cell
  • Pocket clip
  • Micro USB cable
  • Manual

Appearance and quality

This is quite a big light. It’s long, to account for the twist mechanism. The threads are OK but noticeably lower quality than threads on other lights I have. The anodising is similar.

In all it’s a big step up from a cheap zoomie but it’s still a long way off even budget lights like Sofirn and Wurkkos.

Carrying and everyday use

The EverBrite comes with a sturdy pocket clip. It’s less than half the length of the light but it still works well enough. You could use it as a headlamp if you really wanted to.

The twist feature is pretty cool. I used to have a Rofis R1, which was similar to the EverBrite but much smaller. Just like the Rofis, you can use the EverBrite at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. Unlike the Rofis though, the EverBrite’s twist mechanism sticks out a bit when it’s not at exactly 0 or 90 degrees.

The magnetic tail cap is one of the strongest flashlight magnets I’ve seen. It has to be, as the EverBrite is a long, heavy torch. The magnet is strong enough to hold the light horizontally when it’s extended fully. It’s also strong enough to hold a couple of other lights at the same time.

EverBrite holding the Wurkkos HD20 and Emisar D4V2

Interface and switch

The EverBrite has a pretty simple UI, despite having 2 independent LEDs. The UI isn’s as advanced as the 2 LED Wurkkos HD20.

  • click on to low
  • click again for high
  • click again for off
  • hold for UV, then click again for off

This isn’t the best UI, as you have to cycle through high to turn it off.

Cell and charging

The EverBrite came with a 2600mAh cell. This can be charged in a normal 18650 charger or with the built in Micro USB charging.

Light output

The EverBrite has 2 white modes: high and low. As the box says, high is about 250 lumens. A few listing mention 800 or 1000 lumens, which this light is definitely not capable of. Low mode is about 30 lumens.

You can see my camera picks up the PWM on the low mode quite easily. I can just notice it with my eyes but it doesn’t bother me. If you’re sensitive to PWM then this isn’t the light for you.

As there’s 2 LEDs in one light, the reflectors overlap slightly. This produces a weird pattern when pointing it a wall but isn’t noticeable at a distance or in general use.

There’s only one UV mode, which I can’t really measure. As well as UV, the light puts out some violet light too.


The white LED is advertised as CREE. From the size, dome and wires my guess is that it’s a XP-G2.



  • 2 LEDs, USB charging and magnet for a cheap price
  • Magnet is very strong
  • Twist mechanism feels fairly robust and should last


  • Threads, anodising and general quality doesn’t feel up to other manufacturer’s levels
  • Only 250 lumens at highest


You get a lot for your money with the EverBrite flashlight but it’s definitely a budget light.

I’d only recommend this light if you had a low budget and wanted a light with a twisting mechanism. If your budget stretches then get a Rofis light and a stand alone UV light. Or, if you aren’t bothered about the twist mechanism or UV then there’s plenty of other lights available.

I purchased the EverBrite light myself and am not affiliated with EverBrite.

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