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Imalent MR90 flashlight review

In the past year or so, Imalent have produced a whole range of high output flashlights, such as the MS08, RS50 and MS12 Mini. The Imalent MR90 is their latest powerful flashlight. What sets the MR90 apart from the others is the combination of high brightness (lumens) and beam distance (candela). This is due to…

Imalent MS08 flashlight review

Imalent is well known for their incredibly bright flashlights, such as the Imalent MS18, which is the brightest flashlight in the world. Imalent features heavily on my list of the best high power flashlights so it’s no surprise that they’ve just released another. At 34,000 lumens Imalent MS08 is the brightest flashlight they’ve produced that…

Cyansky HS6R Headlamp Flashlight Review

Cyansky has produced their first headlamp, the HS6R. The headlamp has independent red and white LEDs, comes with built-in charging and boasts an output of 1400 lumens. You can buy the Cyansky HS6R from Cyansky’s store. You can also buy Cyansky flashlights on Banggood, though the HS6R isn’t listed at the time of publication. Specs…

Cyansky K3-I8 infrared flashlight review

This is something a bit different: an infrared (IR) flashlight from Cyansky. The K3-I8 is very similar to their K3 tactical light but with a high power IR emitter instead of a normal white LED. Note that the model name is with the letter I, not number 1: K3-I8, not K3-18. You can buy the…

Astrolux MF01S Flashlight Review

Today I’m reviewing the Astrolux MF01S, which boasts 15,000 lumens and 616m throw (95,000 cd). You can buy the Astrolux MF01S at Banggood (without cells, affiliate link). They also sell the MF01S with cells. As of Oct 2021, there’s a 23% discount code BGASFT01S This is an updated version of the original MF01, which took…

Astrolux WP2 LEP 2.3km throw flashlight review and beamshots

The Astrolux WP2 is a LEP flashlight that throws 2.3km or 1.3 miles. The only light I have that throws further than this is the massive Astrolux MF04, so I was interested to see how the much smaller WP2 would perform.

Lumintop Thor II LEP Flashlight Review

Pocketable and affordable 1800m throw LEP flashlight. My first LEP flashlight! What’s that you might be wondering? LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor, sometimes known as a White Laser.

Wurkkos TS30 flashlight review

Introduction Wurkkos are still new in the flashlight world but are starting to get fairly well known due to getting lots of things just right. Members of r/flashlight regularly recommend the Wurkkos FC11 due to its tint, build quality and USB-C charging. From what I understand they’re a separate company to Sofirn but the 2…

Imalent RT90 flashlight review

1308m throw, 4800 lumens Introduction Imalent are known for their high power and long range flashlights, squeezing in as many lumens and candela as they can. The Imalent RT90 is one of these, designed primarily for high throw, rather than lumens. That said, it still produces almost 5000lm. Imalent released their RT90 flashlight at the…

Convoy M3-C flashlight review

This review was originally written for and appeared on 1lumen. This flashlight was sent to me for review at no cost by Convoy. I have not been paid to review, nor have I been holding back on problems or defects. Introduction Convoy is well known amongst flashlight enthusiasts. Especially for their low cost and easy…

Sofirn SP31UV flashlight review

Here’s another light from Sofirn. This time their SP31UV (or SP31 UV). This is their SP31 light with an ultra violet LED. About the light You may have already seen Sofirn’s white LED SP31 flashlight. It’s a dual switch flashlight with an 18650 cell and a CREE XP-L HI LED. Sofirn have reused the host…

EverBrite 90° Twist UV + white flashlight review

I have an unusual flashlight review today. This is a versatile light that has both white and UV LEDs and you can twist the head to point sideways. About the light This light is sold as the EverBrite 90° Twist UV. It looks suspiciously like the Nicron N72, so I expect they come from the…

Sofirn SC31 Pro flashlight review

Sofirn have released an upgraded version of the SC31B, called the SC31 Pro. The light now has USB-C, Anduril and a better LED.

Wurkkos HD20 headlamp review

The Wurkkos HD20 flashlight is a right angle headlamp with a 21700 cell and 2 LEDs. About the light This is a big flashlight that you can also use as a headlamp. It has lots of bells and whistles and comes at a budget price. The HD20 has 2 LEDs that can be on individually…

Sofirn C8F tactical flashlight review

The C8F is a high power tactical light from Sofirn. It has 2 switches for easy operation and throws a reasonable distance.

Sofirn IF25A review

Another light from Sofirn I’m reviewing is the IF25A. This is a pocketable flashlight with 4 LEDs. About the light The IF25A is small but powerful budget light. It takes a 21700 cell and has 4 SST20 LEDs, pumping out up to 3800 lumens. It has an E-switch and uses the Anduril flashlight user interface.…

Sofirn SD05 3000lm diving light review

Today I’m reviewing the updated version of Sofirn’s SD05 flashlight. This is my first diving light and my first light with a rotating switch. About the light The SD05 is advertised as a diving light and is waterproof to 100m. It uses a 6000K (cool white) CREE XHP50.2 LED and puts out 3000lm on high.…

Imalent MS03 flashlight review: The brightest pocket flashlight in the world?

This is quite exciting. I got my hands on Imalent’s new MS03 flashlight: this light pumps out 13,000 lumens from a single cell, making it the brightest pocket-sized flashlight in existence. Read on to see what it’s like in real life. Purchasing You can buy the light from ImalentStore.com. It’s currently $129.95. Quick review This…

Sofirn SP40 headlamp review

The Sofrin SP40 is a great entry level headlamp that has the quality of lights twice its price. It’s a great all rounder, coming with USB charging, an included cell, head strap and even an extra body tube for shorter cells.

Sofirn SC31b flashlight review

Sofirn have produced a great budget light in the SC31b. The simple user interface, USB charging, included cell and pocket clip make this a great flashlight for all and easy to recommend to others.

Manker MC12 flashlight review

The Manker MC12 is a pocket thrower flashlight that reaches 650m. This is a great light if you want to light things up a long way away but also want something that’s not so heavy that it always gets left at home.

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