Last updated: 18th November 2021

Similar to my Convoy flashlight naming guide where I tried to give an an overview of Convoy’s many different flashlights, I’ve now done the same with Astrolux’s range of flashlights.

Astrolux have a wide range of flashlights, from small keychain lights to massive search lights. Astrolux is Banggood’s brand, with their lights being made by other manufacturers like Mateminco, Sofirn and Jetbeam.

I’ve added a load of discount codes that Banggood have provided too. If any don’t work then let me know and I’ll try to find a code that does. Most give discounts of 20-40%. This page includes affiliate links that helps me pay for the site’s hosting.

MF series: High power searchlights and flood lights

Astrolux has some of the most impressive flashlights in terms of raw power. Many of which are on my list of Mega throwers.

Astrolux MF05
One of the furthest throw flashlights in the world at 3162m. 7500 lumens from a single SBT90.2 LED, powered by 8 lots of 18650 cells. This light has a fan handle (or “fandle”) so the output doesn’t need to drop to keep cool. It also weighs a massive 3.4kg.

Discount code BGAMF05
Astrolux MF04

The MF04 is Astrolux’s answer to the BLF GT. With an XHP35 HI LED it throws 2416m and provides 2700 lm. Powered by 4 18650 cells. This is a very narrow beam searchlight, thanks to the large head.

Discount code BGASMF04
Astrolux MF04SThe MF04S has the same body as the MF04 but with a bigger LED. Compared to the MF04, the MF04S is over twice as bright at 6000 lm and throws about 2/3 of the distance at 1549m. It does this with the more floody XHP70.2 LED. This gives it a more useful beam profile that the MF04.

Discount code BGASMF04S
Astrolux MF02S V2
Much smaller than the MF04 lights but still with the same 4 x 18650 cells, the MF02S is still a thrower but much more portable. The MF02S uses the Luminus SBT90.2 LED to give it 6500 lm and 1732m throw, which is better on paper than the MF04S even though it’s much smaller.

Discount code BGASFT02S
Astrolux MF02SVersion 1 of the MF02S used an XHP70.2 LED to give 6000 lm output and 1039m throw. Less powerful but probably more efficient that the V2. Also available in neutral white 5000K version.
Astrolux MF02The non-S version of the MF02 series uses the smaller XHP35 HI LED for 1587m throw. Output is a more mediocre 3000 lm but it will sustain this for longer than the MF02S version.

Discount code BGASMF02
Astrolux MF01S
18 LEDs behind TIR optics allows the MF01S to hit 15,000 lumens! This is more of a flood light than a long distance light, though still manages to reach 616m throw due to brute force. Check out my full Astrolux MF01S review. This is the upgrade of the original MF01 and now runs Anduril. Similar to the Emisar D18.

Discount code BGASFT01S
Astrolux MF01 Mini
This is a single cell version of the MF01, taking a 26650 cell instead of 4 x 18650 cells. It uses 7 LEDs to give 5500 lm, which is impressive for its size. Throwing 415m isn’t especially impressive but the beam profile is still more throwy than most EDC flashlights.

WP series: LEP flashlights (Laser Excited Phosphor)

LEP flashlights are all about throw and can light up a very small area a from a long way.

Astrolux WP3
Astrolux’s third and most powerful LEP flashlight, the WP3 has a beam distance of 2.9km! Also available in Titanium.

Discount code BGAAWP3 or BGdeals169
Astrolux WP2
Now discontinued. The WP2 throws 2.3km and has a rotary switch. Check out my Astrolux WP2 review.
Astrolux WP1
Now discontinued. 1000m throw from a 36.5mm wide head.

FT and EA series – mid size flashlights

Astrolux FT03S
The FT03(S) lights are all single 26650 cell throwers. Most of them run Narsil, which is similar to the Anduril UI.

The FT03S is the top end version, using a SBT90.2 LED for 4500 lm output and 1428m throw. You can also get it in Copper.
Astrolux FT03 (XHP50.2)With the same body as the FT03S, the non-S version uses a XHP50.2 LED for about the same output at 4300 lm and but with half the throw at 735m. This flashlight was my first light that threw over 500m and has a great beam profile with a good amount of both throw and flood.

Discount code BGAS03X
Astrolux FT03 (SST40)The SST40 version of the FT03 gives 2400 lm output and throws 875m. Not as impressive as the SBT90.2 version but can be had for much cheaper.

Discount code BGAS03CS
Astrolux FT03 Mini
The FT03 Mini used to come with an Osram LED but now uses a new SFS80 LED. This produces 1620lm at a 720m beam distance, which is pretty good for the smaller 18650 (or 18350) size cell.
Astrolux FT02S
One of my favourite lights for night hikes, the FT02S is slightly smaller than the FT03 and uses 4 LEDs in a reflector, still powered by a single 26650 cell (or 21700). This produces loads of output and still throws it a fair distance.

The XHP50.2 version produces an impressive 11,000 lumens and throws 546m. I went for the SST40 version, which produces 7000 lumens and throws 639m, with a neutral white colour beam.
Astrolux EA01S
Astrolux took the FT02S and made the reflector smaller to make the EA01. The same 11,000 lumens from 4 XHP50.2 LEDs but only 382m throw. This makes the light very floody but also means it’s almost EDC size.

Discount code BGEA01S800 or BGEA268
Astrolux EA01
Just like the EA01S but with a single LED behind a TIR instead of 4 LEDs in a reflector. This means the flashlight throws much further at 521m, whilst giving 3500 lm of light.

Discount code BGASEA01
Astrolux EA02
This ice cream cone shape flashlight uses an Osram Boost HX LED (aka CULPM1.TG) to throw 1369m. It’s only 1365 lm, so this flashlight is almost like a LEP with a bit of spill.

Discount code BGAEA02

EC series

Astrolux EC06
New in late 2021, the EC06 is like the MF01S but with more modern features. Using 3 x 21700 cells, coming with Anduril 2 and USB-C for charging and power bank functionality it’s a significant upgrade. It’s also brighter, at 16,000 lumens. The Astrolux EC06 is slightly more floody at 566m but not by much.

Discount code BGAEC06
Astrolux EC03

Similar to the FT02S but with 3 LEDs instead of 4. This makes the Astrolux EC03 not quite as powerful but noticeably smaller in a pocket thanks to the 21700 cell. Also a more budget option. The EC03 is 6700 lm (instead of 11,000 lm) and has a beam distance of 303m.

Discount code BGASEC03
Astrolux EC01
Similar to the EA01 but with a reflector instead of a TIR. This flashlight has the same output at 3500 lm but only throws 298m, instead of 521m of the EA01. It also uses a 21700 cell instead of 26650.

Discount code BGASEC01
Asrtolux C8Astrolux still sell their version of the well known C8 flashlight. The 1300 lm and 639m throw isn’t impressive today but it was one of the best in about 2017.

Other Astrolux flashlights

S and ST series: EDC flashlights

  • ST01 new for 2021, this has a 21700 cell with a single SST40 or XHP50.2 for up to 3500 lm. Built in USB-C charging
  • S43 18650 cell with 4 x LH351D or XP-L HI LEDs, giving 3500 lm. Also available as the S43S Copper version. Built in Micro-USB charging.
  • S42 18650 cell with 4 x Nichia 219C or XP-G3, giving 2023 lm. Also available as the S42S Stainless Steel version. Built in Micro-USB charging.
  • S1 (BLF A6) single XP-L flashlight, similar to a Convoy S2. 1600 lm.
  • S2 mini 18650 thrower, like the FT03 Mini. 1300 lm from a single XP-L HI. Uses a tail switch instead of side e-switch

Small flashlights

  • A01 tiny keychain light giving 102 lm from an AAA battery
  • A02 small pocket light that takes either an AAA or 10440 cell for up to 378 lm
  • A03 800 lm from a single 14500 but also takes AA batteries. This uses the new SFS80 LED
  • K2 tiny keychain light using a built in battery, giving 300 lm. Looks just like a RovyVon Aurora and comes with USB-C charing and red/green/blue and UV side lights
  • K1 just like the K1 but twice the size and 350 lm
  • M01 their smallest light uses a 10180 cell, like the Lumintop GT Nano. Still manages to output 100 lm
  • LT1 lamp has a built in diffuser and uses the unusual 14250 size cell. It’s 350 lm and has built in USB-C charging with a magnetic base

Astrolux headlamps

  • HL01 – quite heavy for a headlamp but comes in 18650 and 18350 versions. Only 1200 lm but uses Anduril and has built in USB-C charging.
  • HL02 – another light with the new SFS80 LED. 1600lm and USB-C charging but has a hold-to-turn-off UI.

Astrolux bike lights

  • BL02 1200 lm from a built in 5000mAh battery, with USB-C charging and power bank functionality. Has a handy display so you can see how much power is left
  • BL03 1200 lm from a built in 6000mAh battery. Just like the BL02 but a bit bigger. Also available with tail light

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