How would you like to see literally miles away in the dark? Some of these lights have a beam that throws so far that you need binoculars to make the most of them.

Here’s a quick run down and comparison.

Similar to my research on the best pocket thrower flashlight, I put this list together for research primarily for myself (as it’s hard to keep up) and then it gradually grew. I may earn a small commission on some links but feel free not to use them. So far I only own 2, the MF04 and X50, so this research is based on information available online and spending way too much time on BLF and r/flashlight.

Let me know in the comments if I missed any similar lights. Guide to lumens, throw and candela.

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Lumintop Flashlights

Lumintop BLF GT (aka “Giggles”)

Lumintop BLF GT

Lumens2000 lm
Throw2000 m
Lumintop GT specs

This was the first in the GT series. A collaboration between Lumintop and BudgetLightForum. The GT takes 8 cells and weighs 1800g. This version has the CREE XHP35 HI LED. In a single cell light, the XHP35 is normally a good balance of lumens and throw but in the 135mm diameter GT the LED throws 2000m and outputs 2000lm.

Lumintop BLF GT70

The GT70 is the same as the GT but with an XHP70.2 LED. These LEDs are 4 times the area, so are brighter and don’t throw as far. The GT70 “only” throws 1400m but it’s 7500lm. The beam is generally more practical and having more lumens still makes it look impressive.

Take a look at this guide to emitters on BLF if you want to the a the difference between the 2 LEDs.

Buy BLF GT70Amazon US / Amazon UKBanggoodNealsgadgets

Lumintop BLF GT90

Lumens5500 lm
Throw2720 m
Lumintop GT90 specs

Following the trend, the GT90 is the same host with a different LED. This uses the renowned Luminus SBT90.2 LED that has the throw from the XHP35 and the lumens from the XHP70.2. The GT90 is over 5500 lumens and throws 2720m.

The SBT90.2 is an expensive LED and often makes up over 50% of the flashlight cost. This makes is a difficult LED choice in some lights. Not in the GT90’s case though, as the huge chunks of aluminium set you back over $300 and the addition of the SBT90.2 is just a fraction of that.

Lumintop GT4

Lumens30,000 lm

The BLF GT4 deviates a bit from the GT flashlights above. The GT4 has 4 LEDs (XHP70.2) in the reflector and a slightly different host.

More LEDs means more lumens but a lower reflector to LED size ratio. That results in a shorter throw of 1300m. 1300m would still be considered very throwy if it was a single emitter light but it’s the shortest throwing light on this list.

The GT4 has big fins to help sustain the high lumens. On turbo it can reach a massive 30,000lm and due to its 3kg weight it will sustain more lumens than nearly any other light. The handle helps with carrying it and also means your hands don’t get burnt when it heats up.

Official group buy on BLF.

Lumintop BLF GT94

What happens if you combine the GT90 with the GT4? You get 4 SBT90.2 LEDs that can throw 2600m and output 20,000lm!

This is incredible! I don’t think there’s any other consumer light that throws over 2000m whilst having an output more than 10,000lm, yet along 20,000lm!

There’s some info on this BLF thread and NealsGadgets have made a comparison video:

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Lumintop GT94X

The GT94X is the same as the GT94 but uses bigger 21700 cells instead of 18650 cells for a bit more power. 24,000 lumens and 2950m throw!

Lumintop GT8

Lumintop GT8 8 massive XHP70.2 LEDs! Image via freeme
Lumintop GT8 specs

Not much us known about the Lumintop GT8 yet, other than it has 8 XHP70.2 LEDs. Expect this to be almost twice as bright as the GT4 and throw around the same distance. BLF thread.

Astrolux flashlights

Astrolux have some very high power flashlights that are competitively priced. Most of their high power lights are manufactured by Mateminco. I have a big guide to Astrolux flashlights, which covers some of their smaller lights too.

Astrolux MF04 / Mateminco MT35

Astrolux MF04
Lumens2700 lm
Astrolux MF04 specs

Around the time the GT was being created, Astrolux (Banggood’s own brand, manufactured by Mateminco) released the MF04. This light is very similar to the original GT with an XHP35 LED but is pushed slightly harder. It produces 2700lm and reaches 2416m, both slightly more than the GT.

I have the Astrolux MF04 and it’s the biggest flashlight I own. Definitely impressive and one of the cheapest on this list.

Astrolux MF04S

The MF04S is the same as the Astrolux MF04 but with a bigger XHP70.2 LED. This is the same idea as the GT70 version of the GT.

This bumps up lumens from 2700lm to 6000lm and reduces throw from 2416m to 1549m.

Buy Astroluox MF04SBanggoodNealsgadgets

Astrolux MF05 / Mateminco MT90 Plus

Astrolux MF05
Lumens7500 lm
Astrolux MF05 specs

Not wanting to be beaten by the higher throw of sme GT models, Astrolux created the MF05. This light dwarfs the GT and MF04 in every spec.

The MF05 uses a single SBT90.2 LED in a 160mm head (compared to 135mm for the GT). The LED is driven to 7500lm and throws over 3162m (over 3km or 1.96 miles!). There’s a fan on the handle to help with cooling.

Imalent flashlights

Imalent currently make the worlds brightest flashlight.

Imalent MS18

A high power flashlight list isn’t complete without mention of the MS18. Imalent cram as many LEDs as possible into a light and drive them as hard as they can. The MS18 contains 18 big XHP70.2 LEDs, all with their own tiny reflector. This produces just 1350m throw but an incredible 100,000lm.

There’s also the older MS12, with 53,000lm at 913m

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Imalent R90TS

The R90TS is just like the MS18 but it switches the XHP70.2s for the smaller XHP35s. That means it’s less bright (36,000lm on turbo) but throws further at 1679m. There’s also the older R90C at 20,000lm and 1679m.

Buy Imalent R90TSAmazonBanggoodNealsgadgets

Acebeam flashlights

Acebeam X65

Acebeam X65

The X65 has been around for a while now. The 5 XHP35 LEDs produce a respectable 12,000lm and throw 1301m. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available for sale anywhere.

There were rumours of an X65-GT version, supposedly with 14 SBT-90.2 LEDs, 50,000lm and 2000m throw. This doesn’t seem to have materialised.

There’s also the X65 Mini, with 12,000lm and 1403m throw.

Acebeam X70

Acebeam X70

Imalent released the 53,000lm MS12, then Acebeam released the 60,000lm X70. Imalent went back to the drawing board and came up with the 100,000 MS18 (further above). All these lights have lots of LEDs: the X70 has 12 XHP70.2 around a XHP35 HI in the middle.

Similar to the MS18, the X70 throws over a km but only due to sheer output, rather than reflector design. The X70 throws 1115m.

Buy Acebeam X70Amazon

Acebeam K75

Acebeam K75

The K75 is Acebeams super thrower. It uses a single Luminus SBT90.2 and has specs similar to the GT90 and MF05m above but isn’t driven quite as hard. It throws 2500m and outputs 6300lm from the LED and is a fair bit smaller and lighter.

Acebeam X50

Announced in July 2021, the Acebeam X50 is an upgrade of their X80-GT. The floody X80-GT packed in 18 XHP50.2 LEDs into a small host with tiny reflectors for 32,500 lumens and just 369m throw. The X50 uses 8 XHP70.2 LEDs in a slightly larger host. This produces 40,000 lumens – very impressive for its size. Fewer LEDs and bigger reflectors helps the X50 throw 800m. This is still floody but reaches significantly further than the X80.

You can see my Acebeam X50 review here.

Buy Aceabeam X50Amazon

Haikelite flashlights

Haikelite HK90

Haikelite have put 3 SBT90.2 emitters in a flashlight body with 3 21700 cells. This results in 18,000lm and 2000m throw!

Buy Haikelite HK90AmazonNeaslsgadgets


The Astrolux MF05 is currently the furthest throwing flashlight you can get (aside from very custom ones or incredibly expensive ones). It’s also very bright.

The Imalent MS18 is by far the brightest light you can get but although it throws a long way, most other lights in this list will throw a lot further.

Here’s an overview of them all:

LightLumens (lm)ThrowLED
BLF GT20002000mCREE XHP35
BLF GT7075001400mCREE XHP70.2
BLF GT905500+2720mLuminus SBT90.2
BLF GT430,0001300m4 x XHP70.2
BLF GT9415,0002600m4 x SBT90.2
Astrolux MF0427002416mCREE XHP35
Astrolux MF0575003162m πŸ”¦Luminus SBT90.2
Imalent MS18100,000 πŸ”¦1350m18 x XHP70.2
Imalent R90TS36,0001679m18 x XHP35
Acebeam X6512,0001301m5 x XHP35
Acebeam X7060,0001115m12 x XHP70.2, 1 x XHP35
Acebeam K7563002500mLuminus SBT90.2

Here’s a chart of lumens vs throw for these lights. The MS18 is at the top left and the MF05 is at the bottom right. If you can only afford one then the Imalent R90TS looks like the best compromise, with 36,000lm and 1679m throw.

Big lumens vs throw chart
Lumens vs throw chart (Note: X65 is in the wrong place, sorry)

Hard to buy flashlights

Hopefully I’ve got all the biggest, brightest and best LED flashlights in this list. There’s a few other flashlights that throw a long way but they’re very hard to get hold of.

MicroFire Light Storm S909kmFeatures a “solid state light source”, which I think means a LEP. 20Mcd. Weighs 4.5kg and that’s not even including a battery pack, so this isn’t exactly pocket friendly. Has a motorised adjustable beam.
Peak Beam Maxa Beam MBS-4106.9km?Used in films like Jurassic Park and heavily featured on the X-files. I’m not 100% sure about the throw but “3,500 meters (1 lux on target)” should equate to 7km ANSI throw. You have to “request a quote” to find out the price. Uses a 85 Watt Xenon Short Arc Lamp and is motorised for an adjustable beam.
MicroFire OptiSpike S505.5kmSmaller version of the S90. Only 3kg with the battery pack.
Lemax LX70 SUPERPOWER4.25kmWeighing in at 3.7 kg and 351 mm long, the LX70 is similar dimensions to the Astrolux MF05.
MicroFire Light Wall SP7502.5km50,000 lumens! Similar throw to the Lumintiop GT94 but over twice the lumens. Looks like it needs a separate battery pack.

LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor flashlights)

LEP means Laser Excited Phosphor. These flashlights shine a laser on phosphor (the same chemical that makes LEDs shine but they use a semiconductor instead of the laser). This gives a white light that isn’t especially bright but is incredibly focused.

LEP flashlights can throw as far as some of the most powerful LED flashlights that are 5 or more times the size and weight.

LEPs are quite incredible but aren’t so practical for everyday use as their beam is so focused.

1lumen has a great page on LEPs. The Maxtoch L2K LEP at 2.7km (or L3K at 3km) seems to be the best at the moment, followed by the Weltool W4 LEP. If you can get your hands on it, then the Acebeam W50 is specced at 4km!

LEP FlashlightThrow
Acebeam W504km
Maxtoch L3K LEP3km
Maxtoch L2K LEP2.7km
Weltool W4 LEP2.6km

Last updated: December 4th 2021. First published: Sep 10th 2020.

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  1. Your reviews would be more complete and useful reporting also the time duration of the turbo level. The real power of a flashlight are the sustainable lumens. Turbo level is useless if it lasts just 90 secs like in the K75 or GT94.


  2. Interested only in LEP. I have a Weltool W4. Quite amazing, with only one small rechargeable
    battery. Well worth the money. However, I am looking for one that can throw a beam further than 3000 M. Whats nice with LEP. No cooling fan, thats noisy and drains the battery faster. Not heavy and you can put it in your pocket. With a throw reach of 2700M. Its the best for under $300.00.


    1. I need to update this page to include some LEP lights. Also some flashlights that are harder to buy.

      * 6.9km? Peak Beam Maxa Beam MBS-410
      * 4.2km Lemax LX70 SUPERPOWER
      * 4.0km Acebeam W50
      * 3.1km Astrolux MF05
      * 2.6km Weltool W4 Pro
      * 2.4km Acebeam W30


  3. An overall great review Dave. Thank you so much for compiling it for us. Curious to know why the Acebeam X80GT isn’t include.

    Keep up the great work, looking for future updates.


    1. Good question. I started off with just lights that throw over 1km. The Acebeam X80-GT is very impressive and should probably be mentioned too. I may add it in later. Also the Imalent MS06 and R60C (which does throw over 1km) and a couple of new Fenix models.


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