Last updated: 2nd Apr 2022

There’s a few flashlights now available with the Luminus SBT90.2 LED. Too many to keep track of, so I’m making a list to help compare them.

Table of contents

Jump to a section, either by number of cells (down the rows) or by head size (along the columns).

Under 50mm wide50mm-100mm wideOver 100mm wide
Single cell lights
Small hot rodsPortable throwers
Multi cell lights
Soda can & longer throwersMassive throwers
Multi cell, multi SBT90.2 lights
Super High output throwers

About the Luminus SBT90.2

The Luminus SBT90.2 is the second generation version of their SBT90 LED, also known as the SBT90 gen 2. The SBT90.2 is a 3V LED, so works with a basic FET driver and can output over 5000 lumens. It does this from a small die size, making it great for throwers. 5000 lumens needs about 20A, so most flashlights can only sustain this for a short time. See this BLF post for more info on the SBT90.2 LED.

In a similar size host, the SBT90.2 easily out-throws a CREE XHP35 HI and outputs about twice the lumens. The SBT90.2 is about 2/3 the candela of the Osram W2 and 3 times the lumens. You can get a similar effect as a single SBT90.2 with 3 or 4 Osram W2 or Luminus SFT40 LEDs.

With all these flashlights, the output on turbo will be about 5000 lumens. The throw will be proportional to the head size, with the biggest lights throwing the light further but not being any brighter. Some lights feature a buck/boost driver, which will sustain the high output for slightly longer than those with a plain FET.

All these lights are fairly expensive, as the bare SBT90.2 LED costs about $30 ($35 on a MCPCB from Convoy). Some of the links are affiliate links but with the low traffic on my blog I doubt I’d earn enough for even just a LED. Parametrek’s excellent flashlight database has a list of SBT90.2 flashlights too but it’s missing quite a few and I wanted to add my own take on them.

I currently own the Manker MC13 90.2, Acebeam K30-GT and Imalent RT90.

If you know of any other SBT90.2 flashlights then let me know in the comments!

Most of these lights are available for sale on Banggood or Nealsgadgets, both of which often have discounts available.

Single cell lights

These lights will be very bright when you turn them on but will struggle to sustain turbo for more than a few seconds and will probably be around 500 to 1000 lumens after 10 minutes. Make sure to use a high drain cell for best performance.

Under 50mm wide

These lights will easily fit in a jacket or even trouser pocket and typically throw under half a mile. If you actually want a small flashlight that throws a long way then the lower power but more intense Osram emitters are probably a better bet. Or a LEP flashlight like the Lumintop Thor II.

FlashlightThrow (m) /
bezel width (mm)
Sky Lumen SL2c369m / 24mmA straight tube 18350 flashlight that’s 24mm wide. The 18350 won’t be able to supply the LED with many amps but it’s still listed as 3900 lm.
Sky Lumen XVII429m / 24mmStill 24mm like the SL2c but with a longer 18650. A high drain cell should give over 4000 lm for a very short time.
Sky Lumen XXI529m / 27mmSky Lumen sell a modded Convoy (I think it’s a S21A). It’s a straight tube 21700 flashlight, only 27mm wide, but it still throws over half a km.
Manker MC13 90.2600m / 42mmA limited edition version of the MC13, that normally comes with an Osram CULNM1.TG. The MC13 comes with a short tube for 18350 cells and a longer one for 18650. I have one of these and it’s incredible for its size.
Sky Lumen / Noctigon KR1vn663m / 35mmA Sky Lumen mod of the original KR1, with a 18650 cell (18350 body tube available too). Ridiculous power for its size and regularly featured on r/flashlight.
Lumintop FW21 X9L810m / 40mmStill small at only 126g but won’t sustain output for long before it heats up. Review. Copper version.
Amutorch XT45840m /
The XT45 is probably the closest thing to a C8 style flashlight with a SBT90.2 LED. Rated highly on the 1lumen review. 15% off discount code: DAVE1010

50mm and wider

Bigger lights means 2 things: more throw (over half a mile throw for all these) and more mass to absorb the heat from the SBT90.2. These lights should sustain higher lumens for a bit longer than the ones above. I don’t have any of these yet but if I could pick one then it’d be the Noctigon K1.

FlashlightThrow (m) /
bezel width (mm)
Manker U22 III900m / 52mmUses a TIR optic instead of a reflector. I haven’t seen any reviews of this but I’m guessing output will drop like a rock as soon as it’s turned on. Comes with USB-C charging. Slightly bigger than my MC12.
NlightD T90910m / 50mmI don’t know much about this one. Review. 15% off discount code: DAVE1010
Nightwatch Stalker NI40938m / 53mmBudget flashlight, around $90 and taking a 26650 cell. I reviewed their 9900 lumen NS53A a while back. 15% off discount code: DAVE1010
Nightwatch NI03 Valkyrie1000m / 53mmSimilar to the NI40 above but an e-switch. Takes a 26800 cell, which isn’t common (yet). 15% off discount code: DAVE1010
Wurkkos TS30S952m / 55mmA great budget option, with USB-C charging. I reviewed the similar TS30, with 3 SST40 LEDs. TS30S Review
Lumintop ODL20C V2?860m / 59mmLumintop have updated their XHP35 HI light with a bigger LED. I’m not sure what LED this is but the specs are similar to SBT90.2. Some listings call it a “GT90”. This takes a single 26650 cell, has a side switch and USB-C charging. 15% off discount code: DAVE1010
Amutorch XT601221m / 63mmAmutorch’s single 21700 host now has a SBT90.2 option. The side switch supports infinite variable brightness. You can also get the SFT40 version, which is 2300lm and 1386m throw.
Fireflies T9R1265m / 65mmFirefles new “ice cream cone” flashlight comes with either the STB90.2 or the Osram Boost HL or Boost HX. Review
Noctigon K11296m / 72mmProbably the best single cell SBT90.2 light you can get. Also available with other LEDs.
Astrolux FT03S /
Mateminco MT90 Mini
1428m / 70mmBanggood’s FT03 with an SBT90.2. This is the same as the Mateminco MT90Mini and takes 26650 or 21700 cells. I have the much cheaper XHP50.2 version of this, which is about 4000 lm and 700m throw. Astrolux also have a brass and copper version.
Convoy L81461m / 81mmThis one is big! The L8 take larger 26800 cells, has a side e-switch and USB-C charging.

Multi cell lights

More than 1 high drain cell should help give the SBT90.2 the current it wants as well as better run time. As you go down the list, the lights get bigger and less practical for every day use… but also more impressive.

Under 100mm wide

These lights throw up to a mile and are just about the limit of what I’d consider “practical” for keeping in a jacket pocket or a small bag. I’d recommend the Acebeam K30-GT, which just fits in my jacket pocket.

FlashlightThrow (m) /
bezel width (mm)
Manker MK37935m / 47mm3*18650, similar to the K30-GT. Uses a TIR optic instead of a reflector, making it short at only 129mm.
Acebeam K30-GT1024m / 57mmI have one of these – easily one of my favourite lights. 3*18650 cells makes this light enough to carry easily. The carry handle means it can sustain 2000 lm without burning your hand. Review
Jinheng JKK36R? / 58mmUnbranded. 3*18650. Built in USB-C charging and USB power bank functionality. Also available with XHP70.2.
Amutorch XT651290m / 63mmSimilar to the single cell XT60 but with 2*21700 cells in series for a more power.
Manker Crown900m /
“Digital zoom” for variable spot and flood. This uses electrochromic glass to diffuse the light without any moving parts. Very novel but expensive. 3*18650
Manker MK391050m / 65mmThrow and flood combo, with a SBT90.2 and 8 CREE XP-L LEDs. You can switch between the spotlight, flood or both, which gives 13,000 lm. Powered by 4*18650 cells.
Convoy 4X18A1122m / 69mmThe long awaited SBT90.2 version of Convoy’s 4X18A (4*18650, hence the name). Great value, especially as it includes USB-C charging. Discount code: FSH7299
Convoy 3X21A1122m /
Very similar to the 4X18A above but a 3*21700 cell version.
Imalent UT901308m / 66mmLong and thin. Like the RT90 but with 2*21700 and more “tactical”. Review
Imalent RT901308m / 66mmShort and fat. Probably the shortest light that throws this far, thanks to its 4*18500 battery pack. My review.
Kaidomain / Jinheng JKK90? / 72mm2 x 26650 and currently just $75. Also available on AliExpress and in a single 26620 version.
Convoy L71320m /
Updated version of Convoy’s L6. 2*26650 cells and a 20.5A driver. Also available with cells.
Convoy L81461m / 81mmSlightly bigger head than the L6 and L7 but just a single cell. Takes 26800 cells.
Nitecore TM39 / TM39 Lite1500m / 90mmThe TM39 comes with a battery pack (8 18650 cells inside) and the smaller TM39 Lite takes 4 18650 cells. OLED display and dual switch make this a fancy light.
Lumintop SD901700m /
Specced at 7500 lm but I doubt very much it’s that high. It does have USB-C charging and comes with the AndΓΊril user interface. It also has power bank functionality, to get extra use out of the 4 18650 cells.
Acebeam K65-GT1682m / 90mmIn-between the very carry-able K30-GT and the massive K75. The K65-GT is probably about the biggest light I’d consider practical.
Astrolux MF02s v21732m / 84mmThe v2 replaces the XHP70.2 in the v1 with the SBT90.2. I’m not sure about the throw claims given the size but it does uses an incredible 35A CC driver, so may be accurate. Discount code: BGASFT02S.
WildTrail WT901800m / 90mmA light in collaboration with Texas_Ace on BLF, running Narsil. Very reasonable pricing. Uses 3 x 21700 cells instead of 4 x 18650. Also has built in charging and power bank function.

Over 100mm wide

These are the heavy hitters. The massive reflectors in these mean you’re probably not carrying these on a long hike but these would make great searchlights. If you’re going big then you may as well go for the biggest: the Astrolux MF05.

FlashlightThrow (m) / bezel width (mm)Info
Thrunite TN42 v21860m / 105mmAn update of Thrunite’s original TN42, which threw 1550m with an XHP35. Thrunite claim just 4848 lumens from this but I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit over 5500.
Manker MK35 II2000m / 109mm4*18650 and a 109mm head diameter make this one of the smallest lights to throw 2000m. Note that this is much bigger than the original MK35, which was only 86mm diameter.
Acebeam K752500m / 126mmThe massive reflector makes this light throw over 1.5 miles! 4*18650. This light is quite a bit lighter than the GT90 and even the Astrolux MF02. Review
Lumintop BLF GT902720m / 135mmLike the original GT but with a SBT90.2 Here’s a review and here’s my post comparing some of the GT series. Uses 4 or 8 18650 cells.
Amutorch DM902474m / 145mmAmutorch have a new flashlight for 2022 that’s bigger than the GT90. It uses 3 21700 cells and comes with a handle.
Astrolux MF053162m / 160mmThis is one big light. It needs to be, to get almost 2 miles of throw! Not practical at all but I bet it’s fun. It’s also known as the Mateminco MT90 Plus (or MT90P) Review. 32% discount code: BGAMF05 on Banggood or 15% off discount code DAVE1010 on Nealsgadgets.

Multi cell, multi emitter lights

What happens if you put more than 1 SBT90.2 in a flashlight? First, you get more lumens. Second, you get a very expensive flashlight. Acebeam and Imalent don’t have any flashlights for this list but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do soon.

From what I can tell, no one’s put multiple SBT90.2 LEDs in a flashlight with a single cell… yet. Even a Samsung 30T will struggle to provide enough current to make use of 2 SBT90.2 LEDs.

FlashlightThrow (m) /
bezel width (mm)
Haikelite HK902000m / 100mmUses 3*21700 cells and 3 SBT90.2 LEDs for a claimed 18,000 lumens. Review (16,000 lm at startup).
Lumintop GT942450m / 135mmUses four LEDs for 20,000 lumens! Requires 8 cells. If money is no object then this is the one you want. I haven’t seen any reviews for the GT94 but I’ve written a bit about it here.
Lumintop GT94X2950m / 135mmJust like the GT94 above but with bigger 21700 cells for even more power. Available with a 4 or 8 cell body. 24,000 lumens!
Lumintop GT94

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    1. Thanks. Yeah, I haven’t got round to adding that one yet. Amutorch also have a new SBT90.2 light.


  1. Amazing list! Thank you so much!
    Love that you include key stat’s, opinion and link!
    I have three 4×18, and just ordered the wt90 on the strength of your list!


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