Wurkkos are still new in the flashlight world but are starting to get fairly well known due to getting lots of things just right. Members of r/flashlight regularly recommend the Wurkkos FC11 due to its tint, build quality and USB-C charging. From what I understand they’re a separate company to Sofirn but the 2 companies share manufacturing fascilities. You can see some similarities between the Wurkkos and Sofirn flashlights in my Sofirn SC31 review. Despite sharing lots with Sofirn, Wurkkos are definitely doing their own thing. I reviewed the Wurkkos HD20 headlamp last year too, which was different to anything else I’ve seen.

The Wurkkos TS30 is different too. It’s a single cell (21700 size) light with 3 high power emitters, boasting up to 6000lm output. You can buy the Wurkkos TS30 on Amazon (affiliate link) or from the new Wurkkos site.

Wurkkos offer the TS30 with Luminus SST40 LEDs in either 5000K (neutral white) or 6000K (cool white) colour temperature. I went for the slightly warmer 5000K.

Wurkkos have also released a slightly larger light: the TS30S with a single SBT90.2 LED for a massive 932m throw. You can get the Wurkkos TS30S on Amazon too (affiliate link).

Wurkkos TS30 specs

ModelWurkkos TS30
LED3 * Luminus SST40 (5000K)
Lumens5000lm (5000K version), 6000lm (6000K version)
Throw480 meters (57600cd)
Weight182 grams
Dimensions135mm (length) x 49mm (head diameter)

Package quality

The TS30 came in a bright orange box with foam insert.

Inside the box there is:

  • Wurkkos TS30 flashlight
  • 21700 cell (5000mAh) rated capacity
  • 2 spare O-rings
  • Optional spiky bezel
  • USB-C cable
  • cell adaptor (to use 18650 cells)
  • Manual
  • Lanyard


The Wurkkos TS30 is surprisingly small for a 5000lm flashlight. It has bumps, instead of knurling to give it good grip. The bit of the head with the switch is slightly raised, so it’s very easy to find the switch in the dark.

There’s no clip provided and the body tube doesn’t look suited to one.

There’s 2 lanyard holes in the tail: 1 on each side. When the lanyard is attached then the string makes the TS30 a bit harder to tail stand. Some light (like the Sofirn C8 lights) have a pair of holes next to each other, so the string can stick out the side instead. Not a big deal but a slight oversight.

Build quality

The Wurkkos TS30 has shiny black anodising that seems well done. Both ends of the body tube have anodised threads too. These are square cut and very smooth, with little grease.

Inside, there’s a brass bump on the driver side and 2 springs on the other.


I’ve added a separate section, just to cover the TS30 bezel. The flashlight comes with 2 bezels, a normal one and a spiky / tactical one.

The normal one has 4 small crenellations to let light come out when head standing.

The spiky one is massive! Just look at it! It’s not sharp but may make holes in a jacket pocket and could potentially be used as a weapon. It’s more useful for lifting the light up when head standing, so you have a mini lantern.

The bezels easily unscrew, so you can pick your favourite.

LEDs and Reflector

The TS30 comes with Luminus SST40 LEDs. Have 2 variants, one with neutral white 5000K LEDs and one with cool white 6000K LEDs. Cool white LEDs are normally slightly brighter and in this case, the 5000K one just happens to be 5000lm and the 6000K one is 6000lm.

The 3 reflectors barely overlap. This means the beam profile is very similar to a single reflector LED and there’s almost no flower petal shape. I prefer this design over the overlapping reflectors of the Astrolux FT02S.

Both the FT02S and TS30 here have Luminus SST40 LEDs with a 5000K colour temperature. The Astrolux is warmer and greener (looks like more like 4500K) and the Wurkkos is cooler and almost pink (below the black body line). There doesn’t seem to be any tint shift at all with the LEDs Wurkkos has picked.

Just for fun, here’s the Wurkkos TS30 next to the zoomie flashlight, both on their highest settings.

Size comparison

The Wurkkos TS30 is very similar to the Astrolux FT02S. Both lights are multi emitter lights running from a single cell. The Wurkkos is slightly shorter and narrower.

From left to right: Emisar D4V2 (18650), Sofirn IF25A (21700), Sofirn SC31 Pro (18650), Sofirn SD05 (21700), Convoy S21B (21700), Sofirn SP31 (18650), Wurkkos TS30 (21700), Generic zoomie (3*AAA), Cyansky P25 (21700).

User interface

The Wurkkos TS30 has the same (or at least similar) interface to their FC11 flashlight.

Basic usage:

  • Click on, click off
  • Hold to ramp up / down brightness

Batteries and charging

Wurkkos provide a cell adaptor in the box, so you can use 18650 cells or 21700 cells. The box came with a 5000mAh 21700 cell.

The TS30 has USB-C charging and comes with a cable. This drew up to 1.6A from my USB plug.



  1. High output from a single cell flashlight
  2. Good beam profile (especially for a triple reflector) and rosy tint
  3. Ramping user interface


  1. Attaching the lanyard means the tail doesn’t stand flush on a surface


I’m impressed with the Wurkkos TS30. Essentially, they’ve taken the FC11 and made it bigger and more powerful. The light is well made and doesn’t really have any faults.

The Wurkkos TS30 has similar specs to the BLF Q8 but in a much smaller size.

To be honest the spiky bezel seems pointless to me, though I can see why some people might want it. The light comes with a normal bezel too, so it’s not an issue.

As the Wurkkos TS30 is available on Amazon (affiliate link), comes with a cell and has USB-C charging, it’s a fantastic light to introduce people to “proper” flashlights.

This flashlight was provided by Wurkkos for review. I have not been paid to review, nor have I been holding back on problems or defects.

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