Flashlights with the Anduril UI step down the brightness when they get to hot. They do this with a temperature sensor, which may need configuring when you first get it. (More on flashlight UIs)

You can read the full Anduril UI manual here, or follow these steps:

  1. check the current temperature where you are in °C
  2. triple click for blinky modes
    • starts off in battery check
  3. 3 double clicks
    • that means double click, wait a sec, double click, wait a sec, double click, wait a sec
    • this goes through sunset and beacon modes, then goes to temp check mode
  4. light shows current temperature
    • the light will repeat 2 series of flashes to represent 2 digits of the current temperature in °C (similar to how Anduril does the voltage readout)
    • if it’s correct then single click to turn off
  5. 4 clicks to go to thermal config mode
    • this has 2 steps (6 and 7 below)
    • the light will blink a bit, then “buzz” to show it’s ready for user input
    • if you want, when the light buzzes, you can just wait and it’ll skip taking any input and go on to the next setting
  6. click out the number of degrees. 21 clicks for 21°C
  7. click 30 times less than the temperature you want for the thermal limit
    • Click 20 times for 50°C, 25 times for 55°C, etc

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